MobilizeU: Every Bite Counts

Earth Day Network is bringing the environmental movement to university and college campuses across the world. By recognizing the power, energy, innovation and organizing capacity of students across the planet, we can unite around a common interest of environmental action and continue to work toward a healthier world.

Our food system presents environmental, climate, public health and animal welfare challenges. While these challenges are global and systemic, this toolkit will provide you with the knowledge and resources needed to make personal and systemic changes to fight climate change and improve our food system.

Whether you are a student, faculty member or administrator, this toolkit can help equip you to understand how our food choices are connected to our environment, and how to make food a part of climate solutions on campus. When you finish reading this toolkit, please tell us how you and your campus are incorporating food into the fight against climate change.





 MobilizeU is a higher education campaign, launched by Earth Day Network in 2012. The campaign aims to create an international movement of concerned  students and administrators passionate about creating a sustainable future for all.