Life Hacks & Staff Picks

Life Hacks & Staff Picks

Life can get busy and it can be hard to know where to start when trying to do your part for the planet. Here are some helpful tricks to make fighting climate change that much easier:

When making burgers, substitute half the beef for lentils or mushrooms:  Check out this New York Times recipe.
Meatless Mondays: commit to eating plant-based foods just one day a week (psst…it does not have to be Monday).Tofu Tuesdays: Food and Wine Magazine have great beginner tofu recipesStart off slowly: Try eating plant-based meals just twice a week. Eating plant-based meals get easier as you bulk up your recipe repertoire.Reduce your portion size when you eat meat. Test out the vegetarian or vegan restaurants in your neighborhood. is a helpful tool to find locations near you. Enjoy flavors from different cultures (Ethopian and Indian food are well known for their delicious  plant-based variety) or challenge yourself to learn about plant-based foods from your own culture.Sign up for a CSA to receive vegetables each week.Shop at your local farmers market to find seasonal, fresh veggies.Try one new meatless recipe a week. Check out some of Earth Day Network’s favorite recipes below!

Earth Day Network Staff Recipe Picks

Michelle, Food & Environment Campaign Manager
Vegan Broccoli Cheese Soup by Alissa Saenz. Check out the recipe on her website: connoisseurusveg.

Macey, Protect Out Species Campaign Manager
Mediterranean Quesadillas by Beth Moncel. You can try substituting the cheese with your favorite plant-based cheese. Check out the recipe.