The Policies We Crave

To uproot the problems in our food system we need policies at the local, state, and federal levels that make low-impact, healthy, and affordable food more accessible to all. We also need policies that incentivize a reduction in food waste at the production and consumer levels.

At the federal level, Earth Day Network recently joined 300 groups in advocating for food and agriculture solutions to climate change.  We will continue to push our national leaders to fix our food system.

At the state and local levels, Earth Day Network will work to see implementation of initiatives like New York City’s new “Make Healthy Lifestyles Easier in All Neighborhoods.” The initiative aims to reduce processed meats and match SNAP incentives at all farmers markets.

To pass policies that are pro-environment, we need politicians who will run with strong environmental platforms. Earth Day Network’s #VoteEarth will help¬†citizens, particularly young and first-time voters, to use their voting power to back candidates that have clear, express and transformational electoral strategies to combat climate change and restore, conserve and protect our environment nationally and internationally.